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Bulchins Farm Limited

Bulchins Farm is situated just off the A272 on the outskirts of Wisborough Green heading towards Petworth.

Justin Morgan runs a professional business comprising a range of services including Livery, Breaking & Pre-Training and Rest and Recuperation.

We have a range of facilities on site which cater for every riders' needs whether you're a happy hacker or competition rider.

Justin, having previously been based at Hazelhurst Stables, Wisborough Green, relocated to Bulchins Farm less than half a mile down the road, in August 2018. In the 10 years that he was based at Hazelhurst he has acquired a reputation second to none for professionalism and attention to detail.

About Justin
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Justin was brought up in Kent and was surrounded by horses from an early age. His family owned a number of ponies which Justin and his brother produced over the years.

When he turned 16 he left home to attend Newmarket Racing College to persue a career in racing. For 9 years he was a jockey and won races in the UK and around the world. He was selected to represent GB in the Fegentri series which gave him the opportunity to travel the world and gain a vast amount of experience with different horses and techniques around the world.

Throughout the years that Justin has worked in the equine industry he has gained a unique perspective on horses, enabling him to have a keen eye for a good, honest horse.

When Justin retired from racing he started his own business with a partner. He bought the racehorse on which he won his first race, King Triton, who at the time was broken down. Justin believed he would return to be a successful racehorse and over the next few months King Triton proved him right; he returned to full fitness and was a strong contender for his next race. 

Justin then received an offer he couldn't refuse; King Triton was sold and went on to win races, while Justin went on to buy his first horses to bring on and sell. From that day, Hazelhurst Stables has developed into a reputable business through supplying genuine and honest horses and providing excellent services, including breaking in young horses.

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